Studying at Oxford (and a Hike)

Hello again, everyone! I have officially been in Oxford for three weeks and am starting to get settled in. Since I don’t have classes or tutorials every day, life at Oxford involves a lot of self motivation and studying on my own. My major course, for example, was taught last term, so I don’t have lectures on that material. I have to read the notes and textbooks for the class and then do the problem sets from what I’ve learned on my own. Therefore, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Oxford libraries and cafes! There are more than 40 libraries in Oxford, so I have a lot of them to explore. I’ve been in the Bodleian Library, which is one of the most famous ones, and is where the library scenes in Harry Potter were filmed. I’ve also been in the science library and the social science library, but my two favorites so far are the St. Edmund Hall library and the Radcliffe Camera. The St. Edmund Hall library used to be a church, and was built in the 1200’s! The Radcliffe Camera is the circular library I showed you in my last post, although I’m including another picture of it here.

Aside from studying, I’ve also been exploring some of the other colleges. I went into Christ Church college and saw the dining hall the Harry Potter dining hall was based off of and the staircase that was used in the first Harry Potter movie!

The top left picture below is a famous bridge in Oxford I pass on my way to the engineering building. The picture next to it is the Christ Church dining hall. The top picture on the bottom left is the staircase leading to the Christ Church dining hall where Harry Potter was filmed. The one below it is a picture of Magdolen College, and the picture next to those is the Radcliffe Camera.

Last weekend, I went on a hike with the Oxford Walking Club! We took a train to Pangborne, and walked 20 km (about 12 miles) through English countryside! The hike finished at Agatha Christie’s grave! I have pictures from the hike below. The picture on the top left is Agatha Christie’s grave.



2 thoughts on “Studying at Oxford (and a Hike)

  1. Susan

    I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful time in Oxford, Christine! I’m very much enjoying your blog entries. I’ve had a little exposure to the place, but not as a student, so I’m really interested to hear details about how the system works. Have you been to this place yet? I really loved having lunch there!



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