Leeds Castle and Canterbury

Last Saturday, as the title suggests, I traveled to Leeds Castle and Canterbury! Leeds Castle was first built in the 1200s, although it’s been modified a lot since then. It’s website says that it is “the loveliest castle in the world,” and while I’m not sure that’s true (I’ve seen the Alhambra in Granada), it’s a very nice castle. Part of it is decorated like it was in medieval times, and the other part is more modern, because part of it is still in use today. By the way, I just discovered that I can put captions on my pictures. If you scroll over the pictures you can see them! I’m getting better at this all the time. As you can see, there is also a hedge maze at the castle, which was hard but a lot of fun. The castle is surrounded by a lake, which was made to be a moat for it. This is the first castle I’ve been to with a moat!

After Leeds Castle, I traveled to Canterbury. Some people might remember this as the place the pilgrims are going to in the Canterbury Tales. Pilgrims came to Canterbury to see the shrine of St. Thomas of Canterbury, which was destroyed by King Henry VIII. The cathedral there is very large and beautiful! I also saw the town, which has a lot of interesting (and sometimes crooked) buildings. I went inside a ‘hospital’ (at the time it was founded, hospital just meant place of hospitality) where pilgrims used to stay when they came to Canterbury. It was built for about 25 people a night, but would usually have over 60!

Back in Oxford, I explored New College today, which some of you might know as the place where Malfoy gets turned into a ferret in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!


My amazing photo

This Saturday, I am traveling to Stonehenge and Bath, so I’ll post pictures of that trip next week!

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