Stonehenge and Bath

Hello again everyone! Two weeks ago, I went on a trip to (you guessed it!) Stonehenge and Bath. I went with a lot of other visiting students from Teddy Hall. We spent the morning at Stonehenge. It was pretty rainy, windy, and cold, but Stonehenge was really cool! Some of the stones that were used to create Stonehenge were brought all the way from Wales. In the bottom left picture below, you can see a representation of how they think people moved the stones. It would have taken about a hundred people to move them this way. Stonehenge was built before the invention of the wheel in that part of the world! Also in that bottom left picture, you can see that the stone has a weird bump on the front face. That was ancient engineering. The stones that went on top had hollowed out areas, so that the two stones fit together and were stronger. This is seen a lot in wood, but this is the only place where it’s been seen in stone!

After Stonehenge, we headed to Bath. Bath is named for the Roman Baths that used to be there, and the ruins of the baths are still there today. That was the main place that we visited in Bath, although we also went to a Thai restaurant and the Bath Cathedral.

The next day, I went on another walk with the walking club. We went to another Neolithic site (like Stonehenge, but not nearly as famous). The main attraction was a circle of stones. Legend has it that the stones are uncountable, and so if you can count the stones and get the same number three times, you get a wish.

Last weekend, I stayed in Oxford and went to several museums. I also saw a student production of Phantom of the Opera! Anyway, I will close this blog post with a picture of some English tea I had last week.


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